3D Glass Solutions is pleased to offer our advanced manufacturing capabilities to the broader RF community for the development of custom RF filter applications. Our glass-based LC filter manufacturing process is an advanced proven product architecture for the manufacturing of compact, high-performance, low cost RF filters for frequencies ranging from 1-100GHz!

Using our advanced manufacturing techniques, extensive IP, and unique APEX® Glass material, 3DGS has developed RF LC filters that support and enable next generation RF products. We work closely with our customers to produce RF Integrated Passive Devices (RF IPD) for flip-chip assembly or RF System-in-Package (RF SiP) architectures for complete systems’ architectures.

Glass-based RF filters are ideally positioned for IoT connectivity, sub-6GHz 5G, 28GHz 5G, and satellite communication applications.  The benefits of our RF filters include:

  • Lower insertion loss than competing filter technologies (0.2dB at 4GHz demonstrated)
  • Overcoming the frequency limits of SAW and BAW filters
  • Decrease production and assembly costs
  • Small footprints (e.g. 3mm x 2mm)
  • Proven low-cost wafer-level manufacturing
  • Quick-turn prototyping speeding time to market
  • Effective frequency range from 0.1 to 40+ GHz
  • SMT, flip-chip, and wire-bond connections supported
  • High current handling ability

LC Filter Types

3D Glass Solutions produces a wide variety of OEM glass-based RF IPD and RF SiP devices for frequencies ranging from 1 - 40+ GHz:

  • 5G networks (sub-6GHz and 28GHz):  base station and mobile
  • Low loss, low power, IoT filters
  • Band pass, low pass, and high pass filters
  • Bias and matching networks
  • Resonators
  • Baluns
  • Multiplexers
  • Wide-band filters

1GHz RF IPD Diplexer Example

3DGS has demonstrated several types of RF IPD filters, including low pass, band pass, and bias networks. Below is an example of a 1GHz diplexer with two embedded capacitors and two embedded inductors.


Our advanced glass manufacturing process creates embedded inductors, capacitors, and transmission lines in the glass without imparting any manufacturing defects. Our RF IPD devices have been subjected to a variety of JEDEC and IPC test standards including vibration, shock, thermocycling, and moisture testing. Below is a representative example of a 5-9GHz band pass filter with RF data pre-thermocycling and post-thermocycling treatment.

RF System in Package (RF SIP)

In addition to our RF IPD technology (left image below), our RF filters are capable of being integrated into a broader RF SiP device (right image below). The benefit our customers enjoy by using the RF SiP process includes:

(1) Lower production costs
(2) Reduced assembly costs
(3) Overall higher system Quality Factors
(4) Higher product yields, and
(5) Smaller device size

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New RF Integrated Filters from 3D Glass Solutions. 

Miniature glass-based chip-scale integrated filters.

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