APEX® Glass is the only glass material that enables the production of burn-in, test socket, and probe card components that require more precise critical dimension control, smaller hole diameters, finer pitches and repeatable alignment.  Our batch manufacturing process is price competitive with other processes like injection molding, manual drilling, and laser drilling.  

APEX® Glass-based components offer many advantages over other materials including:

  • Through holes as small as 200 microns
  • Pitches as small as 1.1x hole diameter
  • Through-holes with aspect ratios up to 10:1
  • Zero micro-fractures ensures higher reliability
  • Create highly complex designs including different sizes of through holes, curved corners, trenches, cavities, linear through holes, and cutouts
  • Leverage the unique glass-ceramic states of APEX® Glass for advanced component designs
  • No expensive tooling requirements reduces prototype costs and turn-around times

Technology Summary

Temperature Range -50C to +400C
Hole Diameter Range 25 µm - millimeters
Pitch Range >1.1 x hole diameter
Young’s Modulus 81GPa
Electrical Resistance (Glass Phase) 1012 Ohm-cm
Electrical Resistance (Ceramic Phase) 1016 Ohm-cm
Optical Transmission 90%+ transmission from 370nm-2700nm
Dielectric Constant @ 3GHz 6.58
Loss Tangent @ 3GHz 0.0086
Glass Advantages • Transparent
• High Precision Hole Placement
Ceramic Advantages • Stronger material
• 1000x fold increase in electrical resistance

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