3D Glass Solutions provides systems integration solutions for a wide array of Optoelectronic and Opto-RF products, ranging from mechanical spacers, fiber optic alignment trenches, to completely integrated optoelectronic packages.  

APEX® Glass-based Optoelectronic and Opto-RF packages offer higher degrees of systems integration than traditional glass substrates and legacy packaging materials, such as silicon, laminates, and ceramics. 

These advantages include:

  • Significantly reduced systems production costs
  • Reduce package height by more than 70%
  • Reduce package chip size by more than 50%
  • Trench width and depth tolerances as small as 0.5 microns
  • The complete integration of fiber optic trenches, cavities, and through glass vias for I/Os and electrical redistribution.
  • Integration of vertical turning mirrors for chip-to chip and fiber-to chip communications
  • Integration of optical waveguides and lenses
  • integration of angled vias for I/Os and electrical redistribution

Examples of Manufactured Features

ExamMfgFeatureLeft ExamMfgFeatureCenter ExamMfgFeatureRight
A 100µm deep fiber optic trench ending into a 45° vertical turning mirror Cross-section of a 100µm deep and 150µm wide fiber optic alignment trench 30° angled Through Glass Vias (TGVs) in 1mm thick glass

End User Applications

  • Mechanical spacers
  • Single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic alignment chips
  • Fiber-to-Chip Optoelectronics
  • Chip-to-Chip Optoelectronics
  • Optical windows

General Optoelectronic and OPTO-RF Design Rules

New techniques and capabilities are continuously being explored at 3D Glass Solutions, but below are some basic design rules for the integration of through glass vias (TGV) for I/Os and secondary optoelectronic structures.  

Final Glass Thickness 250 – 1000 microns
Fiber Trench Width 25 - 200 microns
Fiber Trench Depth 25 - 150 microns
Cavity Depth 25 – 800 microns
Cavity Aspect Ratio 5:1 (depth:width)
Minimum Cavity Size 30 microns
Standard Cavity Sidewall Angle Less than 2 degrees (2°)
Advanced Cavity Sidewall Angle Up to 45 degrees (45°)
TGV Aspect Ratio 7:1 (Glass thickness:TGV Diameter)
Minimum TGV Spacing from Cavity 100 microns


Do you have a design in mind?  Let us help you.  Please check out our APEX® Glass Resources or contact us directly.