Glass-based RF SiP interposers allow you to offer significant product differentiation. Our proprietary APEX® Glass allows you to realize high-value system integration in the most compact footprint enabling you to meet even the most demanding product definitions for next generation RF and wireless products.

At the heart of our interposer technology is the ability to manufacture precise through glass vias (TGVs, 50 microns in diameter) for I/Os with tight metal redistribution line and spacing (<30 microns) with micron-scale precision.  Additionally, the in-glass manufacturing of integrated passive devices (e.g. inductors & capacitors) enable advanced RF performance.

These three factors lead to the following benefits for our customers.

  • Reduce chip size by 70% compared to PCBs
  • Up to 50% reduction in power utility
  • More than a 50% increase in wireless bandwidth
  • Wideband applications ranging from DC to 100GHz
  • Embed passive devices (e.g. inductors, capacitors, baluns, antenna, etc.) into the package
  • Minimize assembly costs
  • 6-week production cycles speeds time to market

Custom Designs for RF SiP

3D Glass Solutions offers "build-to-print" glass-based RF SiP interposer devices that are customized for your specific product needs. Common applications include:

  • Wireless handheld and infrastructure devices
  • High-frequency, high-performance RF devices
  • 400GB/sec and 600GB/sec optical transceiver electronic packages
  • MEMS sensor packages
  • Internet infrastructure components
  • Integrated photonic components

Our APEX® Glass provides the highest systems-level integration of passive and active devices for your RF SiP products compared to any other packaging technology on the market today.

Parameters Typical Performance Limit
Size < 5mm x 5mm < 40mm x 40mm
Height 300µm >200µm
TGV Diameter > 50µm > 30µm
Metal Redistribution Line/Space 30µm / 30µm 10µm / 10µm
Frequency Ranges 0.5 - 60GHz 0.5 - 60GHz
Connectors SMT, flip-chip, wire bond SMT, flip-chip, wire bond
Compliance ROHS compliant, Lead-free ROHS compliant, Lead-free

Need something you don't see?  Please contact us and our team will assist you with your design.