High Q and Low Loss SMD Inductors

Standard or custom inductors demonstrate superior Q factors in ultra-small footprints. 0402 standard inductors are available for sampling; 0201 and 01005 are in development.

Seamless integration

3DGS SMD Inductors are specifically built to IPD SMD standards for easy integration into existing inductor footprints.  Standard solder techniques are used for assembly.

Highly scalable

Lithographic reproduction processes facilitate mass production of devices with superior batch-to-batch consistency.

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Parameters Specifications
Size Code 0402
Inductance 1.3, 1.7, 2.2, 3.4, 4.3 nH
Rated current (based on temp rise) 500 mA
Max of DC resistance 90 mΩ for 4.3 nH
Q 110 @ 7.7 GHz
(1.3 nH)
SRF (min) 21 GHz
(1.3 nH)
Operating Temp Range -55 to 125° C
Compliance ROHS compliant,
Packaging Tape and reel
1000 min quantity

Embedded inductance devices have been qualified through a variety of JEDEC and IPC testing standards, including vibration, shock, thermocycling, and moisture.